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Direct thermal labels are made use of for temporarily marking product. An example of use is for shipping labels, where the labels only have to read for a temporary duration. The photo is made on the label from the print head directly producing warm on the label. The label responds to warm. Since the label responds to warmth to make the picture, it will certainly also react to sunlight, warm warehouses, as well as the label is sensitive to scrapes and can obtain significant if bumped. Label Printers do not make use of a bow. These labels are placed in a printer on their own and normally set you back a little more than thermal transfer labels. Check this link right here for more information on Label Printers. Follow Us:


The way it works is that the printer has a print head. The print head heats up as the label and ribbon pass through. As the printer print head heats up, it melts the wax from the ribbon, onto the label. This makes a more permanent image on the label because it thermally transfers the wax to the label and will not fade.
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